President’s Letter

Letter from the President

As we continue to move deeper into the 21st century, the need for an organization like The Semantics is becoming more and more necessary. Every day we read of natural disasters, or terrorist incidents, and the devastating effects they have reaped upon our neighbors in several parts of the country. We read about the billions of dollars raised to help this and that area of the country recover, rebuild, mend and move on; but what we don’t always hear about are the small individuals or small organizations that plod along every day needing help for perhaps less obvious issues. They may need assistance immediately or put themselves out there to assist others in need. Individuals who have suffered an injury and can no longer work and support themselves. Organizations dedicated to helping specific groups with similar problems, issues, disabilities, or challenges. Admittedly sometimes these are quality of life issues, but all too often they are more serious.

These are the organizations and people that we endeavor to help. We try to avoid contributing to large charities or funds whose monies are often eaten away by administrative expenses. We would rather make directed individual donations to small time organizations who we know spend the major portion of funding attending to their clients or donate to individuals whom we have been made aware have issues they need help with. I am always amazed by the sheer numbers of people that find us who need our special kind of attention. Perhaps we will never be able to cure the ills of the masses; but we know we can make differences in the lives of those who find their way to us. It may only be in the form of a small donation that comes at a very needy time; or it could be ongoing support for a program that dedicates itself to Veterans who need help returning to civilian life; or challenged children wanting to be able to play baseball; like a normal child.

I am honored to have been chosen as the President of The Semantics, and to have the ability to work closely with our officers and Board members to help guide the continued benevolence that is our foundation; to help renew membership, and thereby help keep the club alive with fresh ideas and like-minded members. Each and every time I sit down at a Board Meeting, or get introduced as a member of The Semantics I am proud and over joyed to be a part of this great organization. Yet we still have challenges to meet; and we dedicate ourselves to meeting them as they arise.

It would not be proper for me to ignore the fact that our spouses and families are as much a part of the organization as any dues paying member; and to give them our heartfelt thanks; because we all know without their support we would have a much harder road to navigate.

Brendan P. Ryan